[Rpcemu] Getting started with RPCEmu

Bob Seago rjseago at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 11:43:12 PST 2010

Hello all, 

I have spent quite a time not getting too far in setting this up.

I normally use an Iyonix but also have a Risc PC ROS 3.8 

I have downloaded RPCEmu, Hard drive image and RISCOS4 ROM's from ROL for

I have put  OpenVPN and RPCEmu on to my Win7 laptop. and I think put the
rom's and hdrive in the right places.

I have done the recommended sequence on RPCEmuspoon/manual/network windows

The next bit about installing the RISCOS network driver is where I come
unstuck.  Some of the links are out of date.

I am apparently not authorised to download the Boot files from ROL as I do
not have that version of riscos elsewhere.

This is where I can get no further.  

It sounds as though going the ROOL route may be more problematic.

Can anyone give me advice about where to go from here?

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