[Rpcemu] Ubuntu 11.04

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Sat Jun 11 10:29:18 PDT 2011

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> > If only it was that easy... Spent some time on that problem yesterday
> > without success, thus my posting.
> > 
> > Synaptic didn't know about a gcc liballergo4.2 neither did it know
> > about liballeg.so.4.2 as reported in the errors.

> I don't know about 11.04, but on 10.04 Synaptic /does/ find "liballeg"
> with no problems at all, and amongst the list of 7 items is one
> mentioned in RPCemu's Linux installation guide.  Names rarely match
> exactly because different parts of the system may have different
> restrictions on how things can be named[1], so searching for obvious
> substrings is usually a good idea.

> 1. In just the same way that if you search your RISC OS !System folder
> for "310Support", "ABCLibrary", "BorderUtils", "SharedCLibrary",
> "CompressJPEG", "AcornURI" or a whole host of other module names, you'll
> find nothing useful even though they're in there all the time under --
> in some cases -- wildly different filenames.

Thanks for the thoughts Steve.

I guess, part of the problem for me is, I use RISC OS as a serious machine
for both business and pleasure/fun, so I've taken time to get to grips
with its bits n bobs.

Linux/Ubuntu OTOH is just a toy to play with, so through times constraints
and the fact that it is only a play thing, I've not delved into its depths.

Maybe when I get around to retiring I'll have the time to play more... But
then my dear wife who is retired, says she has less time spare now than
she did when she was working.  ;-)



Dave Triffid

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