[Rpcemu] Manual incorrect? RISC OS 3.71 not running on Recompiler 0.8.8

samwise samwise+rpcemu at bagshot-row.org
Tue Mar 1 14:29:06 PST 2011

> The recompiler was never meant to work with ARM610, and older versions would only let you select StrongARM. I've no idea why this has been changed - it blatantly doesn't work.
> Tom

Ahh, thanks for clearing that up Tom.  Once I figured out that the
StrongARM worked, I had a feeling this build may not be intended to
work with the ARM610.

Given that users do have to obtain the RISC OS roms separately from
the emulator, I do think it's important to make this bit as
user-friendly as possible, to not discourage newbies.  Disabling the
CPU options that aren't intended to work does seem like a sensible
thing to do.

On another note, it might also be handy to be able to store multiple
versions of RISC OS in the roms directory and be able to configure in
the options which version of RISC OS is run.



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