[Rpcemu] Hard disk image question

Francis Devereux francis at devrx.org
Tue Mar 1 14:41:15 PST 2011

On 1 Mar 2011, at 19:42, Hugo Fiennes wrote:

> Hi,
> I just dug up a 20 year old SCSI drive from my old acorn BBS, and was trying to get the image file recognized by RPCemu; however, it just says :4 is unformatted. I did a little googling and tried some LBA-type hacks to the boot sector as suggested for a similar issue with imaged IDE drives, but no dice.
> Does anyone have any idea what ADFS looks for in the boot sector? The image appears to be complete, I believe it was from either my A540 or RISCPC, and it's mountable under linux without issue.
> In case it sheds any light, here's the first 32k od'ed (lots of zeros omitted, obviously!). The drive image is 520MB.

Hi Hugo,

In some circumstances (can't remember what they are at the moment although I can refresh my memory from the code if necessary) RPCEmu skips the first 512 bytes of a hard disc image (see "ide.ski512" in ide.c). I have a feeling I couldn't get one of my hard drive images recognised until I prepended 512 bytes of zeros to the beginning of it, so you could try doing that. To clarify what I mean, here's one way of doing it in Unix:

# create new.img as a copy of old.img but with 512 bytes of zeros prepended
dd if=/dev/zero of=new.img bs=512 count=1
cat old.img >> new.img


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