[Rpcemu] Mercurial repository for OS X Cocoa version moved

Francis Devereux francis at devrx.org
Mon Oct 24 13:23:53 PDT 2011


I've decided to move the Mercurial repository for the OS X Cocoa version of RPCEmu that I maintain to bitbucket. It was previously hosted on my home server which had an unreliable internet connection, so hopefully there will be less downtime at bitbucket. bitbucket should also make it easier for other people working on the OS X version to submit changes (e.g. using pull requests).

So, if you were using http://fe4e.ath.cx/hg/rpcemu-spoon-fjd please switch to https://bitbucket.org/frankoid/rpcemu-spoon-fjd. http://fe4e.ath.cx/hg/rpcemu-spoon-fjd is still running (for the time being) but will not be updated and I'll turn it off at some point.

The main repository, http://home.marutan.net/hg/rpcemu, is not affected by this change.


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