[Rpcemu] Video performance

george greenfield george.greenfield at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Apr 9 05:04:44 PDT 2012

Like many of us I used an Iyonix as my main RISC OS computer before 
adopting RPCEmu. After using the latter (0.8.9 Recompiler version) 
daily for 4 months on a fast PC, it is clear to me that the Iyonix is 
outperformed in most respects, and the benchmarking I have done 
(!Firebench, !ROmark) supports this impression. With one substantial 
exception however: for graphics work generally, e.g. when manipulating 
several JPEGs on screen simultaneously using !Thump or !Photodesk, the 
Iyonix is much smoother and more responsive, with none of the 'black 
striping' that occurs with RPCEmu when one image is moved on top of 
another and the emulator backfills the underlying image.

The PC has a reasonably powerful graphics card, but presumably RPCEMu 
can't access this directly, whereas the Iyonix can with its card. For 
the record I'm using 0.8.9/4.02 with 256MB RAM; 0.8.8/5.17 is better, 
but only marginally. I haven't tried 0.8.9/5.19. If there is any fix 
available I'd be interested to know it as I do a fair amount of image 
manipulation, in fact, RISC OS is my preferred platform, due to 
familiarity and the intuitive GUI.


george greenfield

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