[Rpcemu] v0.8.9 networking setting

Tony Moore old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 10 09:08:57 PST 2012

When I installed RPCEmu v0.8.9, running RO 4.39, on a Vista host, I
copied the boot sequence, and rpc and cmos files, from the previous
installation of v0.8.8, in which networking had already been configured.

Networking in v0.8.9 works perfectly but I have noticed that, in the
Settings > Networking... dialogue, Networking is set to off, and the
un-selected Ethernet Bridging shows the correct Bridge Name, rpcemu,
greyed-out. When I select Ethernet Bridging, and click OK, if I open the
dialogue immediately afterwards, Networking is set to off again, etc.

This is not a functional problem, because networking is working, but I
wonder why the dialogue doesn't reflect reality.


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