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> Indeed. I wonder how Jim managed it? I'm not too Windows-savvy: I found
> and opened the rpc file using Notepad, altered the VRAM value and then
> had the choice of saving it back as .txt or 'other files'. Having noted
> that it is a .cfg file I chose the latter. It failed to save, and I
> assume administrator privileges are required?

If I am the 'Jim' referred to, I should say that I run RPCEmu on Linux, not
Windows. So I can't say if there may be some differences between the two
that matter here. And I have no idea about file ownerships on Windows.

My memory is unreliable, so what follows is subject to being corrected by
someone more knowledgeable. But IIRC for Linux...

Using RO4.02, RPCEmu treats the '2' setting for VRAM in the config file [1]
as meaning "up to 8mb of VRAM". The behaviour is then limited by the
'bandlimit' values referred to in the earlier emails that have been quoted.

Once that has been done...

If you continue to be limited to low pixel-depths for the largest RPCEmu
screen sizes, it will be because the emulator/OS is finding that "I have
enoug vram, but I can't safely write the data fast enough for such a mode"
so is dropping to a lower depth to keep within the bandlimit values

So to fix that, increase the 'Bandlimit' values by a factor of ten[2], and
Robert becomes your avuncular relative! :-)  

[1] The "rpc.cfg" file inside the emulator directory as viewed by my Linux
host machine. (But should also be settable using the 'config' of the
running emulator window.) Afraid I don't know where the Windows or MacOS
versions of RCPEmu keeps this file.)

[2] In the file !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk.Configure.!Run



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