[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.8.9, FLAC replay produces garbage

Timmermans, Andre andre.timmermans at atos.net
Mon Jan 23 00:23:19 PST 2012


Since I had sound working perfectly I have made some experimentations
with DigitalCD and KinoAmp. It certainly nice to see KinoAmp playing
a DVD VOB file at 20 frames per second compared to 2 on my RPC.
Spending less than 2% of the time in I/O operations certainly
accounts for a great deal of the speedup, but pure CPU speedup
isn't bad either as playing a 64 channel Impluse Tracker file
seems to be nearly 3 times faster on this 2.4GHz Core i5.

What I found out thought is that playing FLAC files produces
garbage (the decoding is done by the DiskSample module).
MPEG and PCM work fine so the problems lies in the decoding
of the FLAC stream into PCM samples which I guess triggers
a bug in the emulation.


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