[Rpcemu] 'Reduce CPU Usage' seems to affect sound output

george greenfield george.greenfield at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jan 27 08:57:11 PST 2012

Just for information: I've been testing 0.8.9/4.02 with, and without, 
'Reduce CPU Usage' enabled, while playing Rhapsody4 scores. Blips and 
hesitations are noticeable but relatively infrequent, with RCU 
disabled; they are both frequent and intrusive with it switched on, 
and accompanied by spontaneous loss of volume (which recovers after a 
few seconds) to the point where score playback becomes pointless. The 
base system is a Windows 7(64-bit) PC. Peak CPU load in the Windows 
Task Manager does not exceed 20% under either condition of RCU, so I 
don't think there is anything in the underlying Windows system 
affecting the output. I've tested this half a dozen times both ways 
and the results (as above) have been consistent.


george greenfield

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