[Rpcemu] Host FS and "?" in file names

Matthew Phillips spam2011m at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 13 23:23:46 PDT 2012

In message <SNT136-ds179C4F895EB1FDEA21B2F5F0D10 at phx.gbl>
 on 11 Jul 2012 Alan Buckley wrote:

> I‘ve just noticed that HostFS does not support ”?• in file names.
> ADFS does, should HostFS as well?
> I know Windows does not support the ”?• in filenames, so some
> kind of mapping would be required.

DOSFS maps the question mark to hash, so a file called "abc?def" would appear
in the raw DOS directory structure as "abc#def".  It would be best to copy
this mapping.

> I spotted this as StrongED uses a filename ”?filetype•.

I think CVS also uses question marks in files, which probably explained why I
was unable, a few years ago, to make it work from RISC OS when the repository
was on HostFS.

Matthew Phillips

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