[Rpcemu] Networking: an interesting discovery (I think)

george greenfield george.greenfield at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jun 3 13:16:56 PDT 2013

Having now got networking running reliably on 0.8.10/5.19 (and having 
practically gone potty in the process), it seems to be the case, on my 
system at least*, that where network-enabled RPCEmu fails to connect 
with the network bridge on repeated restarts, the best solution is to 
reboot the PC.

Then, after waiting for the PC harddrive to calm down, launching 
RPCEmu with networking enabled results in a connection, if not on the 
first, then usually on the second and invariably on the third, 

No other procedure has been consistently successful, neither 
re-entering RISC OS's Configure-Network-Internet settings between 
startups, nor using RPCEmu's File-Reset to shut down, nor reselecting 
RPCEmu's Settings-Networking-Internet Bridging between startups, nor 
enabling/disabling Reduce CPU Usage. But PC rebooting has for several 
days now invariably done the trick. And no, I don't know why/how!


*Win7/64 PC, Dell XPS Desktop, 4MB RAM, Intel Core i7 quad-core.

george greenfield

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