[Rpcemu] HostFS and MPro

george greenfield george.greenfield at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Oct 16 03:27:39 PDT 2013

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          Tony Moore <old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> On 15 Oct 2013, David Pitt <pittdj at pittdj.co.uk> wrote:
>> Tony Moore, on 15 Oct, wrote:
>> > Using Windows 7 32bit / RPCEmu 0.8.10 / RO 5.20 / MPro 7.06
Here Win7/64, RPCEmu 0.8.9/4.02, MPro 4.23.

>> (That said Messenger Pro is profoundly unstable on RPCEmu 0.8.9 on
>> this Mac, the networking crashes badly. I don't think it is due to
>> this issue though, there are other networking crashes. (0.8.9 is the
>> last build for the Mac.))

Networking is rock-solid here, though I find I need to connect within 
a few minutes of the PC getting switched on: if RPCEmu fails to 
connect in 3 tries, a reboot of the PC is the best solution. I suspect 
the network bridge goes to sleep after a period of time if not 
connected to. Once up and running, networking is absolutely reliable.

> I'm pleased to say that MPro running on RPCEmu 0.8.10 is stable, and
> reliable.

Ditto here on 0.8.9/4.02, albeit running from HD4, not HostFS. However 
MPro 4.23 did have a debatching problem on 0.8.10/5.20 here: it would 
freeze, requiring an Alt-Break: on restarting MPro the incoming mails 
could be seen to have arrived. Outgoing emails behaved normally.

>> It might be worth running it by Rcomp as a similar issue on Fat32FS
>> discs got fixed.
> I suspect that the fix may have been to ignore the warning message.

I asked R-Comp if a more up-to-date version would cure my debatching 
problem, but Andrew (perhaps understandably) would not commit himself 
regarding behaviour on an unknown platform, pointing out that in 
general newest versions were likely to be the most bug-free, and best 
supported. As I've reverted to /4.02 for general use, and my current 
version of MPro works, I haven't upgraded.

HTH, George

george greenfield

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