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>> Peter Howkins, on 23 Oct, wrote:
>>> A new version of RPCEmu is available, 0.8.11
>>> http://www.marutan.net/rpcemu/
>>> * All Platforms
>>>   - Support for emulating Phoebe, the Risc PC 2. Produced with the
>>>     assistance of The Centre for Computing History.
>>>     Instructions on how to setup Phoebe emulation and the required files
>>>     are on the 4corn website.
>>>     http://www.4corn.co.uk/articles/phoebe/
>>>     Note, this is a prototype machine, so is more for historical interest
>>>     than running production code.
>> Phoebe is running OK here in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
>> An interesting turn up, many thanks.
> Indeed. What's it like compared to a standard StrongARM? Presumably
> running under RPCEmu-Interpreter rather than -Recompiler more than
> offsets any possible emulated architecture improvements. Have
> you/could you run any benchmarks (e.g. ROmark)?

I have just tried a brief test or two but they don't really tell us 
much. The tests are !Desk_Bogo and Dhrystones.

                        bogomips  dhrystones

Ubuntu 12.04 on VMware on an iMac, rpcemu 0.8.11
Phoebe OS3.80 Interpreter    41    98,396
SA110  OS5.21 Recompiler    117   481,463

This is not like for like, no surprises, the Recompiler is a lot 

Mac OS X Mavericks, rpcemu 0.8.9
SA110  OS5.21 Recompiler     159   627,746

This is more interesting there is that much difference between the 
Virtual Machine and native installations.

Mac OS X Mavericks, VRPC
       OS4.39                320   484,730

There is the oft repeated story that !Desk_Bogo favours VRPC, but 
Dhrystones indicate rpcemu is faster.

Raspberry Pi
       OS5.21                401   995,024

Emulators not too dusty then!

Phoebe in hardware might have been a step forward but that might not 
apply to an emulation.

David Pitt
iMac, VMware Fusion, Ubuntu, rpcemu v0.8.11, RISC OS 5.21

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