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>>> Peter Howkins, on 23 Oct, wrote:
> I have just tried a brief test or two but they don't really tell us
> much. The tests are !Desk_Bogo and Dhrystones.
>                         bogomips  dhrystones
> Ubuntu 12.04 on VMware on an iMac, rpcemu 0.8.11
> Phoebe OS3.80 Interpreter    41    98,396
> SA110  OS5.21 Recompiler    117   481,463
> This is not like for like, no surprises, the Recompiler is a lot
> faster.
> Mac OS X Mavericks, rpcemu 0.8.9
> SA110  OS5.21 Recompiler     159   627,746

ROMark scores c.610k dhrystone MIPs on my 0810/520 Recompiler 
installation here, running on a Dell XPS 3.4GHz i7 Win7/64 platform.
> This is more interesting there is that much difference between the
> Virtual Machine and native installations.
> Mac OS X Mavericks, VRPC
>        OS4.39                320   484,730
> There is the oft repeated story that !Desk_Bogo favours VRPC, but
> Dhrystones indicate rpcemu is faster.

Indeed: that suspicion is supported by Chris Hall's benchmarks here
where VRPC on a 2668MHz PC gives only 175% compared to a bog-standard 
S/ARM RPC, i.e. 1524MHz = 100%; the corresponding figure for RPCEmu 
here is approx. 1000MHz = 100%. Obviously that assumes a similar 
processor type in the 2668MHz machine, which may not be the case.
> Raspberry Pi
>        OS5.21                401   995,024

That's a very high dhrystone figure for a Pi: I got 450,080 when I 
tested one recently.
> Emulators not too dusty then!

No indeed.
> Phoebe in hardware might have been a step forward but that might not
> apply to an emulation.
As Peter H has just explained.

george greenfield

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