[Rpcemu] RPCEmu and RO 5.20 Time/Date

Tony Moore old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 26 13:21:01 PDT 2013

I had thought that RPCEmu read its time and date from its host but, a
few days ago, I saw that the clock of my RPCEmu0810/RO520 installation
differed from its Win7 host clock, by more than an hour.

To fix this, I went to Configure > 'Time and date' and changed 'Set
manually' to 'Set from the network'. When I clicked 'Set', the RPCEmu
clock immediately corrected itself, so I assumed that all was well, and
forgot about the change.

However, yesterday, when I started RPCEmu0810/RO520 the boot sequence
aborted, just after the appearance of the desktop, and a Windows-type
error, from RPCEmu, reported 'Bad opcode 1441435452 at 20182480'. On
clearing the error, RPCEmu crashed, and disappeared.

I eventually discovered that HostFS:$.!Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks.TimeSetup
was the cause of the problem. That file is generated automatically from
Configure > 'Time and date' settings. Having deleted the active contents
of TimeSetup, to return to 'Set manually', RPCEmu boots normally again.

When 'Set from the network' is chosen, TimeSetup contains:

   | This file was automatically generated by !TimeSetup
   | Format:5
   | Locality:UTC+00:00_UK_'GMT'
   | ServerSelector:0

   Set NetTime$Server pool.ntp.org
   SetEval NetTime$Loaded 1
   RMEnsure NetTime 0.39 X RMLoad System:Modules.Network.NetTime
   RMEnsure NetTime 0.39 SetEval NetTime$Loaded 0
   If <NetTime$Loaded> Then NetTime_PollInterval 86400

The NetTime module is active:

   *help nettime
   ==> Help on keyword NetTime
   Module is: NetTime         0.40 (10 Apr 2012)

   Commands provided:
   NetTime_Kick    NetTime_Status  NetTime_PollInterval

I should be grateful for comments: Is this problem a bug, in RPCEmu?
What are the recommended settings for Configure > 'Time and date'?


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