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> My Iyonix failed. I bought a B+.

> While I agree there are problems on the R-Pi and it's no match for a
> 'proper' computer, networking is one thing that does work properly
> on the R-Pi.
> The problems are with erratic keybord/mouase handling, and frequent disk
> faults reported when accessing its µSD card.

I have used several R-Pi computers (B 256MB, B 512MB and B+ 512MB)
since they first came out and I have not once had a single disc fault 
or corruption with any of them.  I have always used Integral SD cards
if that has anything to do with it.  An SD card like this:
I have had an occasional key on the keyboard not work - but that
is supposed to be cured with the latest RC14 version of RISC OS for
the R-Pi.

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