[Rpcemu] RPCEmu and Networking

Tony Moore old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 3 03:01:00 PST 2015

On 2 Mar 2015, Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:
> In article <63b2c09d54.old_coaster at old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>,
>    Tony Moore <old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> [Snippy]
> > It happens here when I start RPCEmu too soon after booting Win7,
> > which seems to be preoccupied with its own housekeeping, for several
> > minutes after booting.
> In light of your note Tony I've been doing a bit of testing to check
> it out. So as I've been both in and out and about today, I've switched
> the PC off when out, then on again when I've come back in.
> I've done this a number of times, and as soon as the Win PC completes
> its desktop display with my shortcuts I've started RPCEmu then
> immediately attempted networking, Mail and News Up/Downloading.
> Not once has it failed... (No doubt Sods law being what it is...)   ;-)

I suspect that Windows' extensive housekeeping occurs when it starts for
the first time each day. Maybe subsequent starts are not so encumbered.


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