[Rpcemu] Left CTRL key not working on Linux

WPB wpb.feed at gmx.com
Sun Mar 15 04:14:28 PDT 2015

Hello all,

I recently got a new Windows 7 laptop and have been playing with VMs,  
inspired by the desire to be able to compile NetSurf for RISC OS.

I installed Windows RPCEmu, which works as expected, except that (again) I  
can't get networking to work.

Frustrated, I wondered if I could use RPCEmu in a Debian Linux VM. So  
after a fair amount of fiddling, I've finally got RPCEmu compiled and  
running in a Xfce desktop on Debian Wheezy in my VM, and -- drumroll --  
networking is working! Hurray!

Except...the left control key doesn't work!

It works in a (UXTERM) terminal window on the Xfce desktop, but within  
RPCEmu, it doesn't seem to do anything. Right control doesn't seem any  
better (though it is a hotkey for controlling the VM, so that is perhaps  

I'm very much at sea with Linux, but I'd like to pursue this, because  
having a working networking setup would be so useful to me.

Can anyone offer any advice?



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