[Rpcemu] Another connection problem

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Tue May 12 14:18:17 PDT 2015

In article
 <CAC85+4+Tk_KE9dJWSyKTvLvDxBj4mstKvwZb20MdAGB2=08BXA at mail.gmail.com>,
   David Feugey <dfeugey at ascinfo.fr> wrote:

> Interesting. I read somewhere that with newer versions of OpenVPN, TAP
> code was rewritten, and more strict on sync/async code (multiple
> commands = async, even if you use sync functions... or something like
> this). Many people seems to have problem to use it from their code.

> I tried with OpenVPN 2.1.3, and the TAP driver now works! Thanks.

Glad you've now got it working.

Just for the fun of it, I went to my old laptop running Win 7 Home 32 bit,
a machine that's never had RPCEmu or a Networking bridge installed.

Copied a RPCEmu running 5.22 to it, installed OpenVNP 2.3.6  then32 bit
version (Just the TAP bit) did all the post install stuff and it just
worked okay.



Dave Triffid

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