[Rpcemu] Emulate other ARM processors?

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Sat Mar 3 14:46:35 PST 2018

It's strange that Acorn were...at least in some people's opinion - big on
backwards compatibility - but compared to the PC world, they didn't seem to
do it very well.
Regarding Arculator/RPCEmu, I don't know, but looking at
http://b-em.bbcmicro.com/arculator/ V0.1 of Arculator came out before V0.1
(or any version) of RPCEmu.

On 3 March 2018 at 21:36, Peter Howkins <rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 01, 2018 at 04:20:58PM +0000, Gerald Holdsworth wrote:
> > Probably a stupid question, but, I’ve been thinking recently, how
> difficult
> > would it be to extend the RPCemu emulation to emulate the ARM2, ARM250,
> > and ARM3 processors in order to run Arthur, RISC OS 2 and RISC OS 3 in
> > (and, effectively, emulate an Archimedes)?
> It's a large amount of work for archimedes support, of which the ARM is
> the relatively easy bit.
> I've considered it, but it's a long long way from happening anytime soon.
> > Didn’t RPCemu evolve from Arculator, originally?
> I think it might have been the other way round, though I'm not sure. They
> both shared a large chunk of code.
> In general, stick to Arculator, if it does what you want it too.
> Peter
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