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Aemulor and Aemulor Pro
Aemulor Pro icon
Maintained by: Adrian Lees
Description: Aemulor and Aemulor Pro allow IYONIX pcs and A9homes to access a wide range of older '26-bit' software which would otherwise be unusable on these 32-bit only machines. Aemulor Pro provides additional sound and graphics enhancements which increase compatibility to cover many games and programs such as Sibelius.
OS Restrictions: IYONIX pc and A9home only
Languages: English
Alternatives: See notes


In an ideal world all programs would have been correctly-written and would be 32-bit compatible as a matter of course. In practice, when an older program fails to work within a 32-bit environment, the available solutions are:

  • Re-write or patch the original software or the incompatible resources (usually modules) that it is trying to use.
  • Use Aemulor or Aemulor Pro as appropriate.
  • Continue using an older Acorn or RISC OS PC to run the software.
  • Use an emulator such as VirtualRPC on PC hardware.
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