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AsAsm is formally known as 'simple assembler' with shortname 'as' and desktop version '!AS'. It was written by Niklas Röjemo. A non desktop version was created for an Unix port by Andy Duplain and used in that form as backend assembler in all GCC 2.x, GCC 3.x and GNAT Ada RISC OS ports.

Over time missing features like macro support were added and the emulation of Acorn ObjAsm's behavior was improved.

In 2005 its license changed to GPL v2 after kind permission of Niklas Röjemo.

Currently AsAsm is part of GCCSDK project and its development continues there. After David Marston contribution, ELF output is now possible allowing ObjAsm compatible assembler files to be used by GCCSDK 4 which is purely ELF and no longer AOF based like GCCSDK 3.

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