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Director icon
Maintained by: Philip Ludlam and others
Description: Director is a general purpose desktop tool that allows you to radically customise your desktop and create quick-access menus to anything scriptable within RISC OS. Director also reproduces most of the functions of DeskUtils, DirMenu or TreeMenu, Filer-, Filer+, Memorizer, Menon, Pinboard+ and QuickDir.
OS Restrictions: RISC OS 3.10 or later
Languages: English
Alternatives: Requires multiple applications


Director is an excellent desktop tool for RISC OS. It extends a simple scripting language built in to RISC OS to offer you the ability to create menus and place icons on the iconbar. Menu items lead to sub-menus, which can lead to further sub-menus containining useful commands or tools to perform actions on selected files. Director comes with an extensive set of default menus that allow it to work immediately on any RISC OS machine and to integrate with the filing systems and services present. Experienced users can then add their own custom menus, utilities and so on to the base program.

Director provides an innovative view onto files through easily navigable menus. Adjust-clicking on a drive icon allows you to quickly access anywhere within the directory tree on that drive, RAM disc, CD, or whatever it happens to be. You can also menu-click on the title bar of any filer window and access the files in this way. All Director menus can be linked to icons, other menus, or set up to execute a pre-defined command on a user-selected file.

Director adds a new menu to the Display icon (accessible by using an adjust-click) and a new pinboard menu (accessible with a menu-click). Replacing other menus and actions on other icons is possible with a single command. Director also contains a powerful script system, mapping keyboard shortcuts and custom menus to almost any action imaginable, it has a file/folder/application memoriser facility and it can associate key presses with user-defined actions or menus.

Director is fully customizable by the user and provides most or all of the functions of DeskUtils, DirMenu or TreeMenu, Filer-, Memorizer, Menon, Pinboard+ and QuickDir, and some of the functions of Filer+.

Finally, the Director icon can be configured to display the current time (or other useful system information, such as free memory) unobtrusively on the left of the icon bar.

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