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RISC OS FAQ Guidelines

  • Only entries relevant to machines from the RiscPC onwards (and the versions of RISC OS in those machines) should be covered, unless a comparison is being made. This FAQ is intended to supply information for current versions of RISC OS. For historical information, see the various FAQs on the comp.sys.acorn.* newsgroups.
  • The item really should be a "Frequently Asked Question". If it is obscure or not asked often then it might be better to give it a separate article of its own on riscos.info.
  • Lengthy items should also be given their own page, and the FAQ should provide a reference to that page.
  • Be as accurate as you can. Names, places, dates and people all help, as do external references. Check your spelling.
    • The operating system that this wiki site is all about is spelled as RISC OS, not RO nor RiscOS.
    • Company names often referred here are spelled as RISCOS Ltd (no space in between "RISC" and "OS"), RISC OS Open Ltd.
    • Well known product names are spelled as RiscPC (normally there is a half-space between "Risc" and "PC" so we opt for common habit to leave that out for practical reasons), IYONIX pc (note the caps), A9home.
  • Items must be current. Try to avoid references to legacy software that is no longer being developed and to websites which have not been updated in a long time.
  • Sub-topics deserve their own FAQ. For example, there is already a RISC OS C Programming FAQ.
  • If you have a question, but don't know the answer or don't feel confident to provide it, give the question anyway. Someone else may be able to provide a response.

Guidelines for citing

  • When citing the Wiki version of the FAQ, please include the date and time of the revision to which you refer. This information remains static even when the FAQ is updated, which means others can find the information you were referring to even if it is later edited or vandalised.
  • To provide a link to a specific historical version of the FAQ, click on the history tab, and copy the link you require from the history page. For example, the FAQ version as of 17:46 22 Sep 2006 may be selected with the following link: http://www.riscos.info/index.php?title=RISC_OS_FAQ&oldid=1407
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