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[ hosts many game ports]
[ hosts many game ports]
The following games have their own pages:
The following games/emulators have their own pages:
* [[OpenTTD|Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe]]
* [[OpenTTD|Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe]]
* [[Freeciv]]
* [[Freeciv]]
* [[ScummVM]]
==Game Developers ==
==Game Developers ==

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The RISC OS games scene has never been very active, and became even quieter with the disappearance of Acorn Computers Ltd in 1998. Most of the activity in the present-day RISC OS games market is due to a small number of enthusiasts. As of 2009, there is now no commercial game development.

Most newly appearing RISC OS games are ports (many hosted on, with the occasional original title, or a rework of an older BBC Micro or Archimedes game. Many of the ports are relatively processor intensive, and can be impractical on a RiscPC, so an A9, or [[IYONIX pc] is required. Even those platforms are very slow compared to modern x86 hardware, and ports of modern games with 3D graphics, etc are generally impractical.

There are also a variety of emulators available, such as DosBox and PicoDrive, and these make a wide variety of classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers available for play - provided suitable ROM images can be found. Games hosts many game ports

The following games/emulators have their own pages:

Game Developers

Although there have been many game developers in the past this list contains only links to developers who are somewhat active, or have games available.

  • R-Comp has a selection of ported games that have been fully converted to RISC OS (including Quake, Doom and Descent), and a native RISC OS Doom-like game, Destiny.
  • APDL now own the rights to and are selling the 4th Dimension's back catalogue. Notable among these games are Cataclysm, Nevryon, E-Type and others. The 4th Dimension Games Collections typically feature 9-12 games on a CD, so there's enough to keep you occupied for a long time!

News and Discussion

  • Acorn Arcade covers some RISC OS games news, and also has some former commercial games available as freeware.
  • The usenet group has general RISC OS games discussion.

Commercial Games

Some of the best known commercial games released for RISC OS are listed below:

  • Quake Resurrection - 23UKP (rrp) - A port of the Quake for RISC OS. Includes two expansion packs.
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - 35UKP - A port of Heroes of Might and Magic 2.
  • 6502Em - 15UKP - One of the best BBC Micro emulators on the RISC OS platform.
  • Star Fighter 3000 - 20UKP - The classic RISC OS mission based 3D shoot-em-up.
  • TEK 1608 - 30UKP - A Command & Conquer / Dune II style strategy game.
  • Ankh - 10UKP - A point-and-click adventure, similar in design and humour to the Monkey Island games.

Freeware and Shareware

Some of the best freeware and shareware games released for RISC OS are listed below:

Interactive Fiction

RISC OS has fairly good support for both playing and writing Interactive Fiction (text adventures).

Want to make your own games?

  • FST - Design your own flight simulators
  • Spatience - Design card games
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