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Messenger Lite and Messenger Pro
Messenger Pro icon
Maintained by: R-Comp
Description: Messenger is an email and news client.
OS Restrictions: None
Languages: English, German
Alternatives: Pluto, Thunderbird

Messenger has been awarded the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval, marking its adherence to Internet protocols and good netiquette.

Messenger Lite Messenger Lite icon

Messenger Lite is provided as part of the IYONIX pc software bundle.

Messenger Pro Messenger Pro icon

As of version 4, Messenger exists in two versions: Standalone and Server Edition.

The Server edition allows emails stored in the MsgServe database to be accessed from other computers.

All versions include facilities to fetch mail to the local computer, or view the mail on a remote server.

Messenger Free Edition

A free edition of Messenger exists, without the MsgServe database. This can be used with Newsbase as its offline database, and with POPStar and Newshound as mail and news fetchers. It therefore represents part of a completely free Email and News solution. It is available from

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