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Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox icon
Maintained by: Peter Naulls
Description: This is a port of the Mozilla Firefox web browser for RISC OS.
OS Restrictions: RISC OS 4/5/6
Languages: English
Alternatives: NetSurf, Oregano



Development of Firefox represents part of a long term effort to bring new applications to RISC OS and has involved significant time and effort to date. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Mozilla Firefox 2 Downloads (Regular Version)

For IYONIX pc, A9home, Omega. and VirtualRPC (StrongARM version only). This will not work on RiscPCs.

Release 4 for RISC OS (February 25th 2008, upstream

This is a bug fix release only. Ensure you read the included !Help for full documentation and specific details of changes and history.

Releases 1 and 2 have been deprecated, since they offer no benefit over this version.

Mozilla Firefox 2 Downloads (RiscPC Version)

This version is suitable for RiscPCs and older versions of VirtualRPC. It will work on newer systems, but with more limited performance. This version has been provided only because its use on such machines is preferable to the older 1.5 versions which have many issues (both in the RISC OS version and mainstream). Even so, most users will find performance unacceptably slow on sub-300MHz machines

Installing and using Firefox 2

Download all the necessary parts. As well as the Firefox application you will also need:

  • Tinct – A module for high speed sprite plotting and image enhancement
  • SharedUnixLibrary – UnixLib C library support module

ELFLoader and UnixHome are not required for this release.

Building Firefox 2 from source

Firefox 2 can be built from source with patches in the GCCSDK Autobuilder. Follow the Using GCCSDK tutorial for details.

Mozilla Firefox 1.5

Version 1.5 releases for all RISC OS machines (RISC OS 4 onwards) are still available, however there may be stability issues on some machines. These will be removed soon.

Mozilla Firefox 3

The mainstream Mozilla Firefox 3 will soon be released. Some effort has been made on the RISC OS version, but there are significant changes from version 2, so it will be some considerable time before it might work on RISC OS. It is hoped that many of the RISC OS-specific changes might be included in later point releases.

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