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(Firefox 2 release 3 now available.)
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====February 22nd====
====February 22nd====
* [[Firefox|Firefox 2 release 3 for RISC OS now available]].
* [[Firefox|Firefox 2 release 3 for RISC OS now available]].
====February 17th====
* [[WinEd|WinEd 3.10 released]]
{{Month|month=December 2007}}
{{Month|month=December 2007}}

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December 23rd

  • Like last year two projects hosted on GCCSDK and RPCEmu are in the shortlist of Drobe Best of 2007 Awards in the "Best non-commercial program" category. You can show your appreciation for one of these projects by voting !

December 19th

  • New website launched for autobuilder output.

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  • Thump sources now hosted on

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