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When PC cards for Risc PCs and earlier machines were popular, Mark Brinicombe ported Linux to them. This required significant modification to the Linux kernel as many hardware devices expected by Linux are emulated in the PC Card BIOS.

Neither were officially released, but made available for beta testing. As such they are difficult to find, since any FTP sites that held them in 1994 have long disappeared. If you have any more files that are relevant please ask Peter Naulls to upload them and you add details here. Files are provided under the GPL: the source is assumed lost but in any case is outside the three-year period (section 3b) by which source must be provided on request.

PC podule cards

Linux for Aleph One's PC podules, for pre-Risc PC machines.

Mark later went on to develop NetBSD/arm and found Causality Ltd, which moved to San Francisco in 1999 to become BCCS Ltd. His current whereabouts and contact details are unknown.

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