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Icon: [[Image:|left|PackMan icon]]
Maintained by: Alan Buckley
Description: PackMan is a package manager for RISC OS. Its three main functions are: to download and install new software packages on request; to update installed software packages when new versions are released; and to remove software packages when they are no longer needed.
OS Restrictions: None known
Languages: English
Alternatives: None

Second-generation package manager

PackMan is a package manager for RISC OS. Building on the work of RiscPkg, which is no longer developed, PackMan is able to show you a catalogue of software currently available, to automatically download and install it, and to handling upgrading and removal of software you have already installed.

Package repositories PackMan is able to use can be found on, and as well as other places.

PackMan is released under version 2.1 of the LGPL.

Note that the old PackMan site at is out of date and can no longer be updated.

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