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Maintained by: Christopher Martin
Description: A disc-based engine for playing sound samples.
OS Restrictions: None
Languages: English only
Alternatives: None

PlayIt was originally written by Rick Hudson. It handles a wide variety of sound formats including .WAV, Sun audio (.AU), .AIFF and many combinations of user-defined raw formats. However, Rick has since left the RISC OS scene and while he released the source code to one of his other notable applications, Thump, he did not feel able to do the same for PlayIt for historical licencing reasons.

26/32-bit Compatibility

  • PlayIt 1.67 is the last official version known to play correctly on 26-bit systems.
  • PlayIt 1.68 works correctly on 32-bit systems such as the Iyonix and the A9Home, but unfortunately loses some 26-bit compatibility. It is available from, and should be installed in !Boot.Resources.

There are no known differences in functionality between these two versions.

  • PlayIt 1.69 is an unofficial modification by Christopher Martin to make PlayIt truly 26/32-bit neutral; it provides a patched copy of PlayIt's !Boot and PlayIt modules (only) which must be copied over a version of PlayIt 1.68.
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