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* [http://www.drobe.co.uk/reference/ Drobe Reference material]
* [http://www.drobe.co.uk/reference/ Drobe Reference material]
* [http://www.markettos.org.uk/riscos/techdocs.html Theo Markettos' archive]
* [http://www.markettos.org.uk/riscos/techdocs.html Theo Markettos' archive]
* [http://www.pinknoise.demon.co.uk/Docs/index.html Robin Watts' archive] broken link
* [http://www.wss.co.uk/pinknoise/ Robin Watts' archive]
* [http://wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk/acorn/doc/index.html Denis Howe's archive]
* [http://wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk/acorn/doc/index.html Denis Howe's archive]
* [http://www.poppyfields.net/acorn/tech/ Poppyfields archive]
* [http://www.poppyfields.net/acorn/tech/ Poppyfields archive]

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Links to sources of RISC OS operating system documentation:

RISC OS Adjust CD documentation

  • Docs.Apps.Paint/txt Changes to !Paint
  • Docs.Audio.RateTracker/txt ReadMe file for RateTracker module (Warm Silence Software)
  • Docs.Desktop.TaskManager/txt Updated TaskManager_Shutdown flags
  • Docs.Desktop.WimpTextOp/txt Added bit to Wimp_TextOp 1 (R0 bit 1, Read Size of String)
  • Docs.Graphics.BlendTable/txt BlendTable module SWIs: blending palette colours in arbitrary ratios (provides transparency to SpriteExtend)
  • Docs.Graphics.ColourMap-DrawFile/txt` Changes to DrawFile_Render and ColourTrans transfer functions for colour mapping
  • Docs.Graphics.ColourMap-Sprite/txt Colour mapping in deep sprites: API changes to OS_SpriteOp 52/56, JPEG_Plot..., transfer functions (same as ColourMap-Drawfile/txt)
  • Docs.Graphics.CompressJPEG/txt CompressJPEG_WriteLineExtended, _Comment, _Transcode SWIs, module errors
  • Docs.Graphics.ConvertPNG/txt ConvertPNG_Info, ConvertPNG_CreateSprite
  • Docs.Graphics.GraphicsSystem/txt Overview of the RISC OS Select/Adjust graphics system
  • Docs.Graphics.ImageFileRender/txt Detailed documentation of ImageFileRender system
  • Docs.Graphics.InverseTable/txt Provides 8bpp tables to the graphics system. InverseTable_SpriteTable, _Calculate
  • Docs.Graphics.PNG/txt PNG module "early development version" docs
  • Docs.Graphics.SpriteExtend-CYMK/txt CYMK sprites and support in SpriteExtend
  • Docs.Graphics.SpriteExtend-Errors/txt JPEG errors in SpriteExtend
  • Docs.Graphics.SpriteExtend-Translucency/txt Translucency support in SpriteExtend (minimal notes on API changes)
  • Docs.Graphics.SystemSpriteArea/txt OS_Byte 163,242,65 no longer returns the size of the system sprite area
  • Docs.Input.PointerDevices/txt Scrollwheel support for mouse drives, in PointerV/EventV
  • Docs.Input.WindowScroll/txt WindowScroll module, controls scrollwheel actions in the desktop
  • Docs.Networking.AUNIntro/txt Brief introduction to AUN
  • Docs.Networking.AutomaticConfiguration/txt *Configure InternetIP, automatic configuration of primary network interface by DHCP, AUN, or statically set in CMOS RAM.
  • Docs.Networking.Pollword/txt ioctl FIOPOLLWORD sets a pollword in shared workspace on network activity

Other documentation repositories

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