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Various people have translated RISC OS and its applications. For the user it is confusing and challenging to find these translations (or up-to-date copies of these translations) matching the various RISC OS releases we've seen over the last years. Application developers do not always know what they can do to make translations of their work possible or easier. Translators often have their own written tools or methods to do these translations and it is not always clear if there are overlapping efforts or if the most efficient method has been used.

Therefore this wiki page which tries to give an overview what is already available for the user and how he can install or update the translation of RISC OS and its applications. For the developer / translators this page list tools which can be used for making and keeping the translations up-to-date and even allow sharing of translations in a form which allows easier reuse of work from others. If there is sufficent interest the source code for those tools can be hosted on riscos.info.

Users : Which translations are available ?

Application Developer : how to make an application translatable ?


Translators : Tools, best practises, ... ?


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