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This page will be used to maintain an actual list of known issues/bugs in RPCEmu.

Ref Status Component RPCEmu version RISC OS version Application (RISC OS) Issue name Fixed
RPCI001 Identified keyboard.c Latest (all versions) All - ALT-Break doesn't work No
Emulator doesn't handle Break/Pause key
RPCI002 Unknown Unknown Latest 4.39 - EtherRPCEM module locks OS No
Loading the EtherRPCEM module locks up RISC OS completely
RPCI003 Identified Unknown Latest (all versions) All - CMOS clock not synchronized with host system No
Emulator doesn't synchronize RISC OS clock with host system
RPCI004 Identified Unknown Latest All Director DirectorFilter doesn't work running RPCEmu in window mode No
DirectorFilters on the Filer titlebar and on the drives icons doens't work when RPCEmu is in window mode
RPCI005 Identified HostFS Latest All Easi/TechWriter Filetype dissappears when saving doc on HostFS partition No
When saving an Easi/TechWriter doc on a HostFS partition, the filetype of the file changes to 'Text'
RPCI006 - - - - - - -
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