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Maintained by: Graham Shaw
Description: RiscPkg is a package manager for RISC OS. Its three main functions are: to download and install new software packages on request; to update installed software packages when new versions are released; and to remove software packages when they are no longer needed.
OS Restrictions: None known
Languages: English
Alternatives: None
Website: http://www.riscpkg.org/

The RISC OS Packaging Project

RiscPkg is no longer being developed, and has largely been superseded by PackMan.

The purpose of RiscPkg is to allow downloading, installing and updating of a variety of RISC OS software packages with ease. The user manual is available at this link. There is also a RiscPkg support mailing list. To subscribe, send a blank email to riscpkg-request@lists.riscpkg.org with a subject of 'subscribe'.

Amongst others, Cretin, DeskLib, NetSurf and WinEd are all available through RiscPkg.

RiscPkg is released under version 2 of the GPL.

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