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Plug in a USB drive and it appears with its name on the iconbar, eg USB_DISK with hard spaces (Alt-160) replacing spaces in the DOS disc name.

To save off a DOSDisc image of the disc, do

*Copy MassFS::USB_DISK adfs::HardDisc.$.temp.usbimage

To format the disc as FAT16 (DOS) format, use MkDOSDisc from the PC card sources (download the 3.06 source and extract MkDOSDisc from inside PCConfig/MKDOSdisc/. To format as 32MByte, do

*MkDOSDisc MassFS::USB_DISK.$ 32 -initdos

Don't try to format the disc larger than the size it actually is: it might be worth stepping down a megabyte or two from the published size, and beware that some devices are measured in sizes of million bytes (ie 32MB is 32,000,000 bytes rather than 32*1024*1024 bytes).

SWI MassFS_GetDriveCount (&56700)

On exit:
r0 = number of drives managed by MassFS

SWI MassFS_GetDriveInfo (&56701)

On entry:
r0 = drive number (from zero to number of drives managed by MassFS minus one)
On exit:
r0 = ?
r1 -> drive name
r1+20 -> connection?:drive_name:vendor_id:product_id (separated by colons, &3A)
r2 = size in sectors (512 bytes each)
r3 = flags?


News posting by Jason Tribbeck: [| MassFS formatting]

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