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Editing the front page

Sections of the front page are editable. For those who are lost and confused, you need to go to RISC OS/News, RISC OS/Projects and RISC OS/Articles to edit the three sections. I've added the sections mentioned above.

Front page redesign

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but the recent redesign of the front page has caused the page to be really wide in NetSurf. (You can scroll a long way to the right.) The reason is that there is a <td width="1600"> around the "Search RISC OS Sites" bit near the top of the page. This gives the cell a fixed width of 1600 pixels. I haven't looked in any great detail, but I'd have thought a width="100%" on the table cell and maybe on the associated table would work.

(Otherwise, I think it looks much better with the new colours / style.)

-- tlsa

Working now, thanks! -- tlsa

MediaWiki extensions

Guys, there are loads of MediaWiki extensions. If there's anything you want that would help arrange information, or be a useful interactive feature, let me know - Peter.

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