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Whilst you cannot edit the front page itself, it actually includes sub pages which you should be able to edit.

If someone wanted to take charge of the front page and have a more sensible/fancy layout, I'd be all for that. I've not used the image upload mechanism myself, but you should be able to use it. If you can't, then I'll see what I can do.


Editing the front page

As Peter said, sections of the front page are editable. For those who are lost and confused, you need to go to RISC OS/News, RISC OS/Projects and RISC OS/Articles to edit the three sections. I've added the sections mentioned above.

As regards adding images, they would need to be uploaded, which is currently disabled. Could uploading of eg: jpegs and pngs be allowed?

    • Two typos needing correction: "The Wiki is a central repository . . ." and ". . . once you create an account and log in . . ."
    • Perhaps also add 'Guidelines for citing' (from the FAQ_guidelines page) under Articles and Tutorials 'How to edit this site'.
    • Pls delete these three paras once the listed changes have been applied. (Or not, as deemed appropriate.)

Citing guidelines

I've added how to cite a specific historical version of a page to the RISC OS FAQ. Is this a sufficiently useful tip that it is worth putting somewhere on the front page?

Front page management

It would help if we knew precisely what kind of information would be expected on a front page. Currently, there's:

  1. Site info
  2. News
  3. Projects
  4. Articles

I'd suggest splitting Projects and Articles into more subsections, as Projects specifically is huge, and will only increase.

What is the opinion regarding several possible layouts using CSS?

Front page

Use your imagination. As long as it's stylish, easily maintainable and presents all the relevant information, I'll consider anything.

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