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Translated Programs

The second sentence For the user ... last years. is ambiguous. Should matching be replaced by not matching or by to match? In other words, is the phrase find ... matching being used intentionally or existentially?
GavinW 11:46, 27 April 2008 (GMT)

Is the list of translated programs intended to be comprehensive? If so I'm sure there are a large number of small utilities etc which could be added to the list (my own HelpScan being one) but probably never will be...

Perhaps it would be a more useful resource for finding only those programs where a translation is available but is not part of the standard distribution?
Adamr 15:39, 5 Feb 2007 (GMT)

I agree with your suggestion. Listing builtin translations of applications is not that useful.
joty 20:56, 5 Feb 2007 (GMT)

I don't know... suppose your Czech grandmother wants to use the computer. It's useful to know which applications she can use - whether a translation is included might be a decider. Maybe put them as a separate page? Caliston 17:47, 6 Feb 2007 (GMT)

Sorry, perhaps I was a bit quick with the delete key ;)
My concern is only a practical one - I doubt that many programs will end up getting listed here. However, I guess it could be useful information so am entirely happy if it's decided to revert my last change.
Adamr 18:21, 6 Feb 2007 (GMT)

Another idea for the pot - perhaps this page could also be used to list applications which are looking for translators and for translators to offer their services? (A bit like the new help-wanted pages)
Adamr 13:09, 3 Apr 2007 (BST)

Why "Removed built-in applications"? It makes it look as though there are more or less *no* applications with non-English resources. I went to a lot of trouble to write my translated Messages and Templates files with my applications. This page should list all applications that have non-English resources, not just non-English resources that not supplied with the application. "I want to use StrongEd in German, but I see that StrongEd isn't listed as having German resources, ok, I'll not bother."
JGHarston 16:02, 9 Apr 2007 (BST)

> This page should list all applications that have non-English resources
From a practical point of view this will be very difficult to achieve though.

> I want to use StrongEd in German, but I see that StrongEd isn't listed as having German resources, ok, I'll not bother
Why would you check on first? Why not just download StrongED and start using it? (And think, "oh that's nice it's in German")

However, as I said above I have no particularly strong views on this (though I do make sure my apps are "internationalisable") so don't object to any changes to the page :)
Adamr 16:42, 10 Apr 2007 (BST)

Ok, put it the other way: I want to use a text editor that has German language resources. Not seeing StrongEd listed I never download StrongEd and discover it. And, having put in the time and resources to include several language resources with some of my applications it's galling having them not listed just because I pre-supply some non-English resources rather than dumping the task on other people.
JGHarston 16:02, 4 Aug 2009 (BST)

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