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I have written a few programs for use for RISC OS which are available from

ABCCLI : A program for running ABC from Makefiles & TaskObey files

App2bas : A program to remove an absoulute wrapper from a Basic program. Compatible with headers produced by MakeApp2,3 StrongBS, BasCompress, WimpWorks

LM98Util : Adds or Removes the LanMan98 ,xxx filetype suffixes

MakeApp3 : Add an AIF header to a Basic program

MulBoot  : Allows you to easily switch between different !Boot sequences on your machine

WrapAIF  : Adds a AIF header to an object file, or a utility header to a Transient Utility

RISC OS ports of Hatari and Sim Coupe are also available from here.

There are even some RiscPkgs if that's your thing.

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