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Jymbob is a wannabe RISC OS programmer, but he's not actually all that competent, yet.

He's the maintainer of Cretin, a fully 32bit IRC client, and can usually be found in #riscos and #cretin on IRCNet.

Idea: Multiple users, a simple, RISC OS savvy suggestion

Got married in June.

Site re-design

Please leave comments about site re-design below.

I'll get back to you in September

Well Jymbob, it is February 2008 now. I am not sure whether ro-connect and ro-future are in anyway competitors to ro-info. I am sorry to say that ro-info appears to be moribund, judging by those "last modified" dates. It could well be that the depressing appearance of the site is partly to blame (I am using NetSurf as default browser). The font is rather mean and small, text straggles off to the right. What is needed is for users to be able to edit their own css files. Designing a one-style-for-all system is hopelessly fascist. For those whom css daunts, providing a selection of default files, which users could then personalize and play with, would be appropriate. The current style, which I have seen on many wikis, I do not like - it looks mean, somehow. I guess it comes down to how flexible the off-the-peg wiki is. GavinW

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