Upcall handler

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Thu Dec 6 11:39:15 PST 2001

Let's remove it.

It was this handler that I finally removed that made all the difference
to people suffering Lynx et. al.  occasionally locking up.  Probably the
worst part is that having even an empty handler can cause a machine to
lock up - usally provoked by our old friend, serial access.

My conclusion when talking to John Tytgat recently was perhaps that
perhaps it's some fault in the OS that makes this handler unsuitable to
have in application space (obviously the SharedCLibrary uses it).

Besides, the functionality it provides - handler removal, AFAICS, is
called explictely anyway, by Unixlib's exec functionality.

I also realise that there was talk at one point of needing additional
upcall stuff for pipefs.  Probably when this is required, a module might
be the way to go.


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