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Fri Dec 14 07:40:51 PST 2001


Regarding the problems I've had with <string>.

I think I've worked out what the problem is as 
it affects everything in the stl directories. 
Unless I explicitly tell the compiler that I 
need to use <stl/vector> or <stl/algorithm>, g++ 
completely fails to find these files, something 
that a Linux only version (not the cross 
compiler) does without needing to be explicitly 

This has the following "knock on" effect that 
for the files in the STL and stl.h directories 
to work, all the files in the root stl need the 
explicit #includes to read #include <stl/... > 
with the header files needing the #include < 
changing to #include "

The non-recognition of the stl libs does look 
like a compiler bug of some description. Can I 
claim my lollipop for finding a genuine bug 
now ;-p?



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