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> AIUI, you can't identify that you're in an interrupt though.
> For example, BufferManager triggered on interrupt, issues OS_UpCall
> triggering UpCallV, and the first that happens is that you end up in SVC
> mode (not IRQ mode) and have no idea that you came from IRQ mode. And you
> can't backtrack the stack to find the old PSR, because there might be
> post-trap handlers present.

Regardless of the rest of this discussion, it IS possible to know you're in
an interrupt. There's a semi-public location in zero-page (I think it was at
least documented in the Arthur PRMs) called the interrupt semaphore - it's a
frame pointer pointing at the innermost interrupt on the IRQ stack, or zero
if not in an interrupt. Location &108.

I'd personally have no problem with supervisor mode code peeking this

Otherwise, you'll just have to only deal with UpCalls you know, or rely on
no-one else being silly enought to call UpCall from interrupt routines, and
have special behaviour for the known bad cases.

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