Import of InfoZIP

Nick Burrett nick at
Tue Dec 18 07:06:40 PST 2001

Peter Naulls <peter at> writes:

> In message <m3ofkwr8bf.fsf at>
>           Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:
> > With thanks to Ian Jeffray, I've now imported InfoZIP into the source tree.
> > This adds support for the -, switch which will correctly encode RISC OS
> > filetypes on a Unix box.
> > 
> > I haven't been able to test the import because my RiscPC's system disk is
> > broken.  But you should find that `make riscos-pkg' creates proper zip files
> > now.
> Right, that all seems sensible as it is.  But "riscos-dist" needs to be
> !gcc, so we end up with a packed application.  Equally, so we end up
> with an application on the unix filesystem.

OK. I've fixed a small Makefile issue for this.  So you should be
able to configure thus:

./configure  --prefix=/home/riscos/2.95/riscos-cross \
        --with-riscos-dist=/home/riscos/2.95/!gcc \
        --with-riscos-pkg=/home/riscos/2.95/riscos-pkg \

I can't guarantee that the exclamation marks within the !gcc path
doesn't cause havoc with your shell interpretator though.  I've tested
this with bash 2.04.
> How close are we to release - what are you intending to do about my
> SharedUnixLibrary module?   This probably ought to be packed up in an
> archive suitable for dumping over !System.  i.e a skeleton !System
> application for giving to the boot merger.

I don't see any significant issues left at present. I have one
large UnixLib header file patch, but I'm going to defer this until
after the release.

As for the module, I've just been stewing on it.  I wonder whether we
should get a proper SWI chunk allocation before releasing it (I'm not
sure where you picked the current chunk number from).


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