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Tue Dec 18 07:19:07 PST 2001

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          Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:

> OK. I've fixed a small Makefile issue for this.  So you should be
> able to configure thus:
> ./configure  --prefix=/home/riscos/2.95/riscos-cross \
>         --with-riscos-dist=/home/riscos/2.95/!gcc \
>         --with-riscos-pkg=/home/riscos/2.95/riscos-pkg \
>         --enable-filetype-ff8
> I can't guarantee that the exclamation marks within the !gcc path
> doesn't cause havoc with your shell interpretator though.  I've tested
> this with bash 2.04.

I'll check this out.  But I suggest we distribute a script to do most of
this.  I'll whip something up.

> As for the module, I've just been stewing on it.  I wonder whether we
> should get a proper SWI chunk allocation before releasing it (I'm not
> sure where you picked the current chunk number from).

Ah yes.   I didn't make that clear:


On Sun 16 Dec, Peter Naulls wrote:

> As attached.
> If these could be processed ASAP, then it would be very much
> appreciated.

SWI chunk 0x55c80. Error block 0x0081A400.

You're in luck - I tend to process allocations once a week these days, and
today's that day!


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