Upcall handler

Ian Jeffray ian at jeffray.co.uk
Tue Dec 18 07:58:01 PST 2001

Nick Burrett wrote:

> I would like to produce a GCC release before Xmas, but I feel the date
> is too tight to integrate this module.
> Sound reasonable ?

Yes.   Perhaps consider Peter's suggestion of simply removing the Upcall
Handler altogether for now?  (A one-line change, I believe) as this should
cause no real problems for most folks I believe, and will make things
notably more stable (no more 'random' crashes! Hurrah! :-)

We are badly needing a release, and there's plenty other issues than just
the UpCall handler on the table, so delaying it for just this one item
would be a mite silly.

Just my 2p-worth.


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