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Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Dec 18 08:01:36 PST 2001

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          Nick Burrett <nick at dsvr.net> wrote:

> Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> writes:

> I agree that this is the correct step to solving the problem. However
> I would like to defer the incorporation of this patch until after
> the next GCC release.

Unfortunately, I think that if we release without such a module, we
_must_ disable the upcall handler as is.   To release code which we know
locks the machine in a number of instances would simply not be

> I will be on holiday from the afternoon of 20 December until 2 Jan 2002,
> but then won't be able to look at anything until at least 15 Jan.
> I would like to produce a GCC release before Xmas, but I feel the date
> is too tight to integrate this module.

The module has a couple of bits to be added to it after some comments
from Ian, but otherwise works just fine.   I realise that you personally
can't tried it out, which is a shame, but is there any particular reason
why it couldn't be released tommorow?    Given the go ahead and
testing from say, Ian and one other person.

Cheers, Peter

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