GCCSDK release tomorrow ?

Ian Jeffray ian at jeffray.co.uk
Wed Dec 19 10:53:02 PST 2001

Nick Burrett wrote:

> If everybody is happy with the current GCCSDK state, then I will make
> a release tomorrow morning.
> If not, then please send patches tonight and I'll integrate them tomorrow.

There's a line missing from unixlib/Makefile:

	mkdir -p $(upath)/module/o

Without that, the build fails with a serious error.

For the few of us that fetch it via CVS:

I think the toplevel "README" might be due an update ... because we always

want --enable-filetype-ff8  and the "make riscos-pkg" DOES work properly now
(readme says it doesn't) ... also, the user doesn't require zip already ;-)

Apart from that... the output looks, and works, very nicely.

Well done Nick!


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